The challenge of delivering a stable and rich application in the ever evolving web environment has pushed me to learn fast and build a skillset that easily adapts to any environment.


I develop web frontends using Javascript, Typescript, HTML, CSS and various flavors of each. The frameworks I use professionally are React, Angularjs, and Web Components (using Lit). To protect my work from regressions I primarily use jest. I also have experience with jasmine + karma, and mocha + chai. I use npm to build and distribute modular pieces of larger projects. My contributions include typeahead components, server-side rendering + client optimizations to improve time to interactive, internal logging tools for angularjs, and multi-team collaborations to build an efficient and engaging search experience visited by around one million users per month.


I am lucky to be working at a time when so many organizations are moving from a monolithic design towards a more modular pattern. It has provided the opportunity to learn both ways of architecting large systems. I have worked on a range of backend systems written in C#, C++, Java, Python, NodeJS, and Go. I’m comfortable containerizing services using Docker and orchestrating using Kubernetes. For service intercommunication I have used both Thrift and gRPC over an Istio mesh. Postgres has been the persistent storage choice for most of my work and Redis for in-mem storage. My hosting experience is limited to AWS but I’m a strong believer in building host-agnostic systems..

tech interests

Besides keeping up with ECMA releases I love to experiment with new frameworks and interesting open-source projects. This website has been rewritten a few times now. First in Vue, then with custom html templating, NextJS, and most recently SvelteKit. One open-source project I’ve been having fun with recently is threejs. 3D graphics + computer vision have always fascinated me. Browser graphics technology has been growing quickly and so has the opportunity for creative + beautiful projects.


I’m originally from Albany, NY. In my free time, you can find me searching for new music, trying new beers, climbing, exploring NYC parks, and scribbling on some scratch paper to solve another projecteuler problem. I’m also constantly kicking off new personal projects, feel free to reach out if you’re interested in what I’m up to or if you’d like to collaborate!